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How Big is Mr. Picture Booth™

The booth interior measures 5ft x 7ft and is 7ft tall. More than three times the capacity of a traditional vending style booth and is fully enclosed for lighting control and guest comfort.

How much of an initial payment is required to reserve my date?

We require an initial payment of $395.00 to secure your date. Contact us for full payment details.

Is the initial payment refundable?

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. You may reschedule on available dates subject to certain requirements.

When is the final payment due?

We require the final payment 45 days prior to your event.

Does our rental include a Mr. Picture Booth attendant?

Yes. One or Two professional attendants will be present during the entire rental period to help your guest operate and enjoy their Mr. Picture Booth™ experience at your event. Number of attendants depends on type and size of event.

What is included in the package when I book?

Every package includes up to 4 hours of service, unlimited digital photos, your choice of photo size (Four Image 4" x 6" or Double Three Image 2" x 6" Photo Strip Print) for the duration of your event, graphics and/or text applied to your pictures based on format, design choices for your pictures, friendly and knowledgeable technicians on site during your event, DVD or USB Drive of all the photos from your event, large assortment of props, scrapbook and supplies (for weddings), online picture hosting with password protection, and set up and tear down of the booth.

How many people can fit in the Mr. Picture Booth™?

Lots....the more the merrier, can you beat the record of 14?

Can we choose the color of the background?

Yes, we can offer several different backgrounds, but black is standard and the most popular. We are also able to order a custom color for your event for a fee. We can also use white, red or navy color drapes for the doorway into Mr. Picture Booth™.

Can we have a special message displayed on our prints?

Of course!, We can add any unique message, logo or graphic to your prints.(Format Permitting)

What happens if a guest takes an inappropriate picture?

We monitor all pictures coming out of the printer and we will review all of your pictures before posting them in the web gallery. If we do miss something that you do not want online we can remove it promptly.

How many photos will I get at my event?

As many photos as time will allow! We can average about 50 sessions per hour of operation with strip format printing.

Do I need a special hookup or facility to set up the booth?

Only a normal 115VAC grounded power source is needed. For outdoor venues we do require a covered and protected level area. Generator power must be approved in advance!

Can this be included in my wedding registry?

Absolutely: We can set up a special payment link for your guests to contribute to the cost of Mr. Picture Booth™!